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Testimonials Archive - Marjolein Platje Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching

I was feeling rather desperate by the time I went to see Marjolein as my anxiety and self-esteem issues had worsened with time. In the sessions, she helped me to take a different perspective on scenarios and taught me techniques to put me back in control of situations. I think this helped me to put a perspective on things and aided me to feel more in the driving seat rather than a reckless driver! I would recommend seeing Marjolein for her expertise, empathy and understanding as these things are always difficult to talk about and share with other people.

Anxiety & Self-Esteem

Marjolein really helped me to relax and be able to think beyond my issues which were causing distress to my daily life. I have now been able to develop my own technique of helping overcome my worries. I recommend Marjolein's expertise to anyone who needs to regain positivity and sense of self worth. Thank you for you help Marjolein.


I am truly grateful for all the help and guidance Marjolein has given me. I was in a very dark place and she helped me stand on my feet. I am really grateful to have found someone to really listen to me and understand me while also treat me with respect even though I didn't feel I deserved as much at the time. Marjolein is a very genuine person who is in this profession for all the right reasons. This has made it easy for me to open up and created a safe place where I felt comfortable to discuss anything.

Confidence & Anxiety

I had three therapy sessions with Marjolein this year and my experience couldn't have been better. She is highly knowledgeable therapist & Coach and made sure she understood what I wanted to achieve and also what the best way to work together towards my objectives was. After the sessions I felt much more focused and motivated and I've been able to see a significant and permanent improvement after this.

Motivation & Focus

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